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Crushing Limiting Beliefs

In our Building Blocks Bistro networking meeting last month at the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce, we talked a lot about crushing limiting beliefs. That our own fears and insecurities can prevent us from growing, both personally and professionally. The importance of creating winning strategies starts with having passion and focus. Be intentional in your thoughts.

I shared the impact of working for someone who was negative and critical and led by fear — ultimately creating a limiting belief in me. I suddenly became fearful of writing. Such a basic task, but I began to overthink and worry every time I created content. Emails were read and re-read. Social media posts triple checked. Blogs went to a professional editor. I made more mistakes because I was walking in such fear. It was only after leaving this employer that I began to finally spread my wings, open my mind to more creative ideas and write more freely — using my own voice. I had to change the message or voice in my head to a more positive one. It’s what Jon Acuff calls “soundtracks” in his new book, (shockingly) called, “Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking.” Once I changed my soundtrack to “You have a gift to give,” and overcame my fear to write, I began to receive positive feedback from friends and colleagues. I still make sure I have professional editors proof my work because it’s just good business, but I write more freely and confidently and the joy is back for me in sharing stories!

The other key takeaway is the importance as a leader to remember to lead through encouragement and guidance. We’re called to build each other up and help people grow personally and professionally. Feedback helps us all grow. It’s how that feedback is delivered that makes the difference between growth and stifling someone. The difference between a great leader and someone with a leadership title.

What are you doing to crush your limiting beliefs?

What have you done today to make it more likely someone else will move closer to their goal?


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