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My Process


I'll learn where you are in your marketing journey. You will learn about me, my values, expertise, experience. I take a deep dive into what you have been going through, goals, frustrations and challenges. Ensures your marketing strategy will reflect your brand and goals. Free 1-hr consultation.


I research your company, your mission and core values to make sure we are both aligned. Research competition, marketing collateral, social media, website, blogs, advertising. Analyze the data to understand what you’ve been doing, what’s working and what’s not.

Ensures the plan we create will work for your team and the way they work.


Present recommendations to you based on discovery and research that will solve your challenges and reach your goals.

Ensures that the discovery and research match your goals and objectives.


Contract will be drawn up to include a timetable for the marketing strategy along with deadlines. There will be deadlines for both me and you.  We’re a team. If delays on client side, there will be delays on scheduled delivery dates.

Ensures a clear understanding of the expectations and outcomes. 


This is where the fun begins! We execute to the plan with regularly scheduled reporting/meetings, tracking the work we’re doing and the results. Measuring results against your goals. Making adjustments when and where necessary to ensure target goals are met. Ensures what we inspired together comes to fruition.


First payment made prior to start of work.


Together we implement an inspired strategy, and watch the magic happen as we accelerate towards your goals! 

  • attract more of your ideal clients to your website

  • engage more visitors

  • delight more visitors turning them into customers and raving fans

  • increase leads

  • make you a trusted, valued voice in your industry

  • increase sales

  • energize your team

  • increase the fun

Together we can...

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